The End of Hatred, Finalist in the Book Buyers Best Contest!!

Good morning, awesome readers, and happy Labor Day for all of those in the US. I am thrilled to announce that The End of Hatred is one of three finalists in the paranormal romance category for the Book Buyers Best award.  You can find the details here.

I’ll be heading to CA in October for the retreat where they’ll bestow the awards.  Looking forward to meeting some other romance writers.  After that, I’ll head to Denver as a signing author at the Mile High City Books and Bounty Pairing Event.

Here’s wishing you all a fabulous start to September.  Until next time, happy reading!

The End of Hatred Now Available in Audiobook Format!

Hello, awesome reading goddesses. I hope you all are doing well and having a fantastic summer (or winter, for those of you in the Southern hemisphere!).  I’m happy to announce that The End of Hatred is now available in audiobook format!  As a former medical sales rep and road warrior, listening to audiobooks got me through many long drives.  I hope that you’ll enjoy this new format that recounts Miranda and Sathan’s journey from enemies to lovers.  Have a great week and happy listening!

Links to purchase here:

US Audiobook

UK Audiobook

Why I Fell In Love With Evie…

Hello, lovely readers! I’m so excited to announce that The Reluctant Savior will be available on May 23rd! One thing I didn’t expect when I began writing this series is how much I would come to like Evie (or how much fun she would be to write). The truth is, none of us are perfect and usually our flaws are the most interesting parts of our personality. Evie is messy and complex and frustrating. That makes her real, which made me identify with her so deeply. In spite of past transgressions, as terrible as they may be, we always have the choice to live in positivity and choose our strengths over our fears. Will Evie have the fortitude to make that difficult choice? Find out on May 23rd! Wishing you all a wonderful Memorial Day.

Who Doesn’t Love a Dark, Reformed Hero?

Hello, lovely readers! Have you pre-ordered your Kindle version of The Darkness Within? If you love a tortured, redeemed hero, then buckle up because the sexy Slayer-Deamon is waiting for you.

I’ve loved Arderin and Darkrip since I began writing this series and am so happy to finally shine the spotlight on them. Here’s hoping you find their story as heart-wrenching and steamy as I do. Head over to Amazon and pre-order before the release on March 5th! Happy reading!

Lila’s Journey to Independence

One of my favorite things about The Elusive Sun was Lila’s exploration, and eventual acceptance, of her own strength and independence. (Another thing is how hot and sexy Latimus is (**sigh**) but we’ll save that for later!).

Lila was taught for a thousand years that her sole purpose was duty. To her king. To her station. To bear children. The Vampyre kingdom has many echoes of how young girls were raised in Western North Carolina where I grew up. Many of us were taught what our roles were and expected not to question them.

I’m all for inhabiting a role in life if it’s chosen. Choose to be a mother. Choose to be a wife. Choose to be single. Choose to take a lover…or lovers. But it should be your choice. I’m so proud that Lila gained the courage to make her own decisions. The path she chose was so beautiful and it was a privilege to get to write it. After all, these characters reside in my head and I just write their stories down. I look forward to bringing you more of their journeys and triumphs down the road. For now, happy reading!