Lila’s Journey to Independence

One of my favorite things about The Elusive Sun was Lila’s exploration, and eventual acceptance, of her own strength and independence. (Another thing is how hot and sexy Latimus is (**sigh**) but we’ll save that for later!).

Lila was taught for a thousand years that her sole purpose was duty. To her king. To her station. To bear children. The Vampyre kingdom has many echoes of how young girls were raised in Western North Carolina where I grew up. Many of us were taught what our roles were and expected not to question them.

I’m all for inhabiting a role in life if it’s chosen. Choose to be a mother. Choose to be a wife. Choose to be single. Choose to take a lover…or lovers. But it should be your choice. I’m so proud that Lila gained the courage to make her own decisions. The path she chose was so beautiful and it was a privilege to get to write it. After all, these characters reside in my head and I just write their stories down. I look forward to bringing you more of their journeys and triumphs down the road. For now, happy reading!

Sex Without a Story — No Thanks!

Many people have asked me if my books are “bodice rippers” or “book porn”. How funny that this is still the impression of romance novels after they have proven to be one of the tried and true bestselling categories of books for decades!

Here’s my answer to that. While I do like some great steamy scenes in my books, I also need excellent character development and a good story. Otherwise I’m not invested in the hero and heroine when they finally get to the steamy scenes.

I hope my readers will find this to be true in my books. Although they are romances, there is a fleshed-out storyline that pervades and connects them all. I usually describe them as Game of Thrones meets Nora Roberts. 

Happy reading!