The Dawn of Peace (Etherya’s Earth Prequel)

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From USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Hefner

Before the end of hatred, there was the dawn of peace…

Two immortals from warring species save each other’s lives as the conflict rages on.
Alrec, the hulking Vampyre warrior, spares her first.
Years later, Kilani, the fierce, uncompromising Slayer, returns the favor.
Stuck in her remote cabin, their bond grows as Kilani warily nurses her injured Vampyre, determined to deny her growing desire for the man with deep, knowing eyes and mesmerizing fangs.
And, of course, there’s only one bed…

The sizzling prequel to the Etherya’s Earth paranormal romance saga

This novella is brought to you by an author who adores her readers and always wanted to write a prequel for the series that launched her career. Written for both current and new readers, this steamy, heartfelt story has brand-new characters and a HEA.

Excerpt from The Dawn of Peace

Picking up a wet cloth, she began to gently clean his wounds, her motions methodical and tender. Her honeyed evergreen scent overwhelmed him, and he looked away, understanding he wouldn’t be able to control his body’s reaction to her. Whether he liked it or not, he was extremely attracted to the little Slayer.

Thick muscles tensed underneath his skin the longer she tended to him, blood coursing through each vein as if they might explode. Kilani’s breathing grew shallow, permeating the quiet room. Her cheeks now carried a rosy blush, and Alrec was relieved the attraction was mutual.

“Do you want to talk about that?” she asked, glancing toward the tenting underneath the covers.

Breathing a laugh, Alrec looked to the ceiling and sighed. “There’s not much a man can do when a beautiful woman is touching him. Much less when he’s restrained.” Tugging at the ropes, he latched onto her gaze. “You could untie me, and we could talk about it.”

Full lips curved as she finished her ministrations and began to secure a bandage over his wounds. “Good try, but I’ve been celibate for a long time. Not sure I’m ready to dive back into that rat’s nest. Especially with a Vampyre whose name I don’t know. Surely, that’s blasphemous for a Slayer female, no?” Her eyes glowed with amusement.

“Alrec,” was his soft reply as he noted her shiver at the deep tone of his voice.

“Alrec,” she said, gently patting the bandage to ensure it was secure. “A warrior’s name.”