Etherya’s Earth Volume III: The Novellas

From USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Hefner

All the sizzling paranormal romance novellas from Etherya’s Earth in one volume

Prequel: The Dawn of Peace

Can Vampyre Alrec resist the gorgeous, forbidden Slayer? Sworn enemies are stuck in a remote cabin and vow to deny their forbidden desire.

Book #4.5: Immortal Beginnings

Dragos was a soldier in the army that defeated Raina’s husband–and ultimately caused his death. He knows he doesn’t deserve the gorgeous widow, but his heart secretly longs to seduce her…

Book #5.5: Two Souls United

Widow Glarys gave up on love. Older women didn’t fall for younger men, no matter how her heart fluttered when warrior Sam was near. But Sam is determined to claim the widow in every possible way…

Book #6.5: Garridan’s Mate

Garridan craves Vampyre warrior Siora more than his next breath, but she thinks he desires another. When they’re ordered to train together, they give in to their raging desire. Will Siora accept her future as his mate or succumb to her fears?

Book #7.5: Sebastian’s Fate

Vampyre aristocrate Celine has loved Sebastian for centuries. Frustrated at his oblivion, she maneuvers a way to accompany him to a masked ball. When he falls for her ruse, she must tell him the truth. Will he accept that she’s the masked woman who stirred his soulful desire?

Enjoy your journey through Etherya’s Earth!